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"A Sandful of Benefit" | Articles | Matt Johnson's Strength Coach Concepts

"A Sandful of Benefit"

I am a strong believer in unconventional strength and conditioning.  Kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, suspension devices such as the TRX and Jungle Gym have really improved my program design due to the vast amount of variation they all provide.  If you have been in the trenches for a number of years you know what I am talking about.  Variation is one of the most powerful tools any strength and conditioning professional can possess.  If you know how to implement it your athletes will continually reap the benefits. 

It is hard to find one method of training which will create continual improvement over time.  What am I trying to say, think about the big picture!  What type of athlete are you?  What are your goals you wish to improve through training?  What skills could you improve to make yourself a more encompassed athlete?  These three questions are essential! We all know that, 1. Every athlete SHOULD not engage in the same training routine 2. Improvement is driven by accomplishment 3. The best athletes work on every facet of their game.

Sandbag training is suitable for all athletes and should be used at least once every mesocycle.  Sandbag training provides a high amount of transfer specificity for wrestlers, MMA fighters and tactical athletes (Firefighters, Police, and Armed Forces).  Sandbag complexes help develop strength in an aerobic environment while introducing one of the MANY pillars of S & C, stabilization.  Stabilization is reason why I believe that any athletes program can include this training tool.  If you have read Dr. Mike Clarks OPT Basketball you learned that stabilization is the foundation of NASM's tier philosophy.  Since I am an open minded professional, I can understand the practical and clinical applications to his ideology.  Stabilization is essential for injury prevention and strength gains.  If you lack in stabilization then you are not providing your body a foundation to build on!

Below are two videos I recorded a few years ago.  I think it gives you an understanding why it can be a very useful training tool.  Unlock the potential behind this training tool, your athletes will thank you.



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