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Montrose Christian: Pre-Season Objectives

This is my first update regarding the strength and conditioning of the Men's Basketball team at Montrose Christian.  Earlier this week, I conducted Pre-training assessments, a full scale FMS, Strength and Performance tests.  I am and always will be a strong believer in training assessments.  If you are a current or past athlete, you know why.  Competition, the will to win, runs deep through our veins.  When training a younger population, motivational keys are essential! After testing was complete, I spent Wednesday analyzing and organizing the results into line/bar graphs, ranking profiles and averages.  On Friday, I arrived to the weight room 1 hr early to post the results.  As it got closer to the start of our training session, a number of players started to come in and gather around the cork board (where the results were posted).  Soon, they were running in and out reporting their scores to their teammates.  My job was done..... they are hungry to improve!  Our first session was great due to the enthusiasm and energy the guys brought.  Don't get me wrong, my guys are extremely motivated young men but it would be crazy to say that the testing results didn't have an impact on their effort and energy for the day.  

After looking further into the pre-test data, we still have a lot of work to do prior to the start of the season.  Have you ever evaluated yourself?  Professionally, at work or athletically, on the hardwood.  Lets face it, it’s easy to overlook your weaknesses.  Who wants to admit their left hand needs a bit more work or their shot needs to be tuned?  Here in lies one of my many roles as the team’s strength and conditioning coach.  To identify points of weakness and design a training program to move toward a significant level of improvement in each deficient category.

Below, I have listed the teams Pre-Training objectives.  We are going to work hard while practicing "smart" strength and conditioning to accomplish each objective by the start of the season.  Wish us luck!

1.  During Pre-Testing, the team marked an average of 14.4 points on the full scale FMS.  Research states that players less than 14 points are 11x more likely to get injured in the future.  Team Goal:  Average of 16.5 points on the FMS prior to the start of the season. 

2.  To achieve an improved level of upper and lower body strength.  

3.  To achieve an improved level of aerobic fitness.  Team Goal:  Front Court less than 63 seconds in 300 yard shuttle / Back court, less than 58 seconds.

4.  Improved skill acquisition through formal coaching and teaching. Team Goal: Improved movement efficiency, decreased 20 yd dash and pro agility times.

5.  Improved joint mobility, stabilization and proprioception.  

6.  Improved soft tissue quality through Self Myofascial Release.

7.  Eliminate referred pain through trigger point therapy.

8.  Improve landing and change of direction mechanics.

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