New Year Resolutions For A Strength Coach

Today I received an interesting email from a friend of mine.  The title was:  Have You Already Failed?  The email was referring to New Year Resolutions and our attempts to change.  As I read, I discovered that every year roughly half (45 %) of the adult population is likely to make an attempt to change in the upcoming year.  This didn’t alarm me because I’ve always labeled New Year’s as a time of “New Beginning”.  Ironically, I found myself intrigued by this email.  I was surprised to learn about the number of resolutions kept after the ball drops.  The week after New Year’s, 75 percent of those who made a promise have already failed.  Two weeks, 71 %. One month, 64% .  After  six months 46 %.  Yikes!

To avoid becoming a “statistic” I decided to share my 2010 resolutions with you.  Here are my Top 10 resolutions pertaining to the field of strength and conditioning.

1.  Read a S&C related book for 1 hour each day.

2.  Continue to motivate, educate and improve every athlete I meet.

3.  Improve the “State of Strength and Conditioning” through research and practical application.

4.  Continue to believe that there is not a perfect philosophy, program or methodology.  Evolution is what got us here.  We must keep improving.

5.  Never underestimate the power of joint mobility work and neuromuscular facilitation.

6.  Improvement is reliant upon 70 % Nutrition, 20 % motivation and 10 % cognition.

7.  Implement multi-plane exercise to expose the body to various imposed demands.

8.  Diagnose neuromuscular deficiencies to treat asymmetric areas in the body.

9.   Stick to the Basics.  Innovation provides variation but may not provide results.

10.  Develop a relationship with fellow strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists and athletic trainers.  We all hold a piece of the puzzle that is optimal performance.

Happy New Year!



Posted Feb 23, 2010 by Matt Johnson.
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