Summer Speaking Engagements: Hoop Skills and Strength Clinic

I will be presenting and conducting basketball strength and conditioning workouts at the Hoop Skills and Strength Clinic from July 29th-31st in Bowie, MD.

Clinic Overview

Every basketball player's development is built in two specific areas; Skill and Performance.  Skill is the sport tasks an athlete must master to become proficient at the desired sport.  Performance is the components that improve athleticism such as strength, speed, power, agility, nutrition and recovery.  Only focusing on one area will prevent you from reaching your full potential as a player.  This clinic was developed for this reason, to help aspiring, goal oriented players become successful in their journey of becoming the best player they can be.

Hoop Skills and Strength was created for basketball players in the Maryland, D.C and the Northern Virginia area who are looking for the  a complete package in basketball training. A clinic that offers players both skill development and performance training.  This clinic is currently the only one of its' kind and will prove to be a valuable experience for every athlete who participates. Take the next step toward becoming the player of your dreams by registering online today!

Hoop Skills and Strength Clinic Information


  • Friday July 29th (6-9 pm)
  • Saturday July 30th (9 am - 4 pm)
  • Sunday July 31st (1 pm- 5 pm)

Where:  Bowie City Gymnasium (Bowie, Md)

Ages: Boys 13-18 years 

Price:  $150 per athlete

For more information, visit


Posted Jun 11, 2011 by matt johnson.
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