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The Ultimate Protein Shake In Less Than Two Minutes

You just completed another workout and its time for you to feed your hungry muscles. Instead of reaching for your shaker and turning on the facet, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a great tasting protein packed post workout smoothie?  A week ago I was walking down the frozen food aisle in my local supermarket and I came across these Yoplait Smoothie bags.  After checking them out, I threw a few in my cart and continued to the check out.

During my commute home, I realized that these packs would make great protein shakes.  Over the past decade I have tried many concoctions to provide my body with the essential macro and micronutrients it needs after a workout.  Chop up 4 mangos, 1 cup of milk, granola, berries, and yogurt …the preparation time was tedious and too long.  When nutrient timing is a concern, you need to feed your muscles within a 40-minute window to allow for optimal protein absorption.  In other words, you can’t waste your time prepping post workout nutrition when all you want to do is spice things up a bit.

The Yoplait Smoothie packs solve all of our problems.  In only 4 steps and in less than 2 minutes, you could be sipping on the best shake you have ever tasted.

1.  Pour 1 cup skim/2%/Whole milk in blender cup.

2.  Scoop in your protein (In my case, Nature’s Best Isopure)

3.  Empty the contents of the Yoplait bag into the blender.

4.  Blend for 1 minute 30 seconds

Here is the link for the smoothie packs



Posted Feb 23, 2010 by Matt Johnson.
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