Individual Training

Attention Maryland residents! Are you located in Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County or Prince George’s County?  If so, let one of the elite strength and conditioning coaches in the industry propel you to your highest expectations of performance. Coach Johnson guarantees results, his scientific yet innovative approach to training will leave you confident and eager to train at your highest level. Skeptical? See what Matt's clients have to say about his abilities as a coach.

Training slots are going fast!  Currently, there are a limited number of strength and conditioning times available.  

Strength and Conditioning/Sport-Specific: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse, Track and Field and Dual/Multi-Sport.  

Inquires: Please contact Coach Johnson via Email for rates and training location information.

Basketball Performance Training

Join the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men’s Basketball at the Montrose Christian School (Rockville, MD) for basketball specific strength and conditioning to prepare for the upcoming season.  Matt has a vast amount of experience training basketball players from all performance spectrums, skill sets and abilities.  He has spent time at the collegiate level training both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams at Boston College and Bryant University.  His commitment to excellence with every athlete he trains all but guarantees results.  You will be astonished how your game improves with this cutting edge, fully comprehensive training program. Private and Team training times available! 

2011 ESPN Rise National High School Champions

                    Montrose Christian: 2011 ESPN Rise National Champions

Session Highlights: 

·          For every enrolled athlete, Pre and Post Test assessments are included FREE of charge.  Tests for speed, power, agility and functional capacity will be administered to determine an accurate “performance profile” for each participating athlete. 

·          Every training session includes:

-           Joint by Joint Dynamic Warm Up/Mobilization

-           Stabilization modalities

-           Speed Training (acceleration, agility, change of direction)

-           Strength and Power Development

-           Core Strength/Stabilization Exercises

-           Muscle Regeneration (Soft Tissue Health (SMR), Flexibility Training (Static and Active Isolation Stretching).

·          Corrective Exercise strategies to improve movement deficiencies or mechanics.

·          Injury prevention methods to prepare the body for the demands of the upcoming season.

·          Learn the proper mechanics behind many critical basketball specific movement patterns such as the jab step, shot fakes, first step, drop step, shuffling, crossover (defense), angle pedal (defense), close out/retreat (defense) and pivoting (creating space).

·          Build a strong base and prevent against dreaded ankle sprains with Coach Johnson’s multi-dimensional ankle protocol.  With the time spent in ankle braces and basketball shoes, the ankle looses strength and mobility.  This protocol will prevent against ankle sprains, poor mobility, poor balance and plantar fasciitis.

Currently Serving Basketball Athletes Near You:

-           Bowie, MD

-           Laurel, MD

-           District of Columbia

-           Columbia, MD

-           Annapolis, MD

-           Bethesda, MD

-           Rockville, MD

-           Ellicott City, MD

-           Odenton, MD

-           Crofton, MD

-           Silver Spring, MD

-           College Park, MD

Inquires: Please contact Coach Johnson via Email for rates and training location information.

Program Design

When it comes to optimizing your time and obtaining optimal performance, a comprehensive training program is a must!  We are here to facilitate every aspect of your training.  Our programs will provide you with essential tools you need to improve your overall performance profile.  Due to the limited number of clients we serve, you will not receive a cookie cutter program.

Remember, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  Let one of the elite strength coaches in the industry propel you to your highest expectations of performance. See what Matt's clients have to say about his abilities as a coach.

Programs Provided (Choose One)

* All programs include warm up, dynamic flexibility, joint mobility, proprioception, soft tissue therapy and recovery/regeneration modalities.

- Overall Performance Spectrum-  Utilizes general and sport specific strength and conditioning applications; plyometrics, pre-habilatation, rehabilitation, flexibility, joint mobility, hypertrophy/strength/power development and speed/agility/quickness training. Two, three or four month training program which consists of 5 training days per week (3 Strength/Power & 2 speed, agility and quickness).  

- Movement Preparation (Corrective Exercise)-  If a weakness,imbalance or neuromuscular sequencing issue is apparent, corrective exercises must be prescribed.  Correcting improper movement mechanics and muscular deficiencies is needed in order to prevent injuries in the future.  Approximately 70% of ACL injuries are non contact in nature.  Stay healthy by eliminating points of weakness in the body.  "Never begin building a house when the foundation in damaged, weak or unstable!" Two, three or four month training program which consists of 3 training days per week.

- Speed, Agility and Quickness- Movement program which focuses on linear and multi-directional speed as well as deceleration. One month training program which consists of 3 training days per week.  

What will you receive?

  • One, Two, Three or Four Months of Programming depending on the program you choose mailed directly to you.  No charge for S&H.
  • Complete Pre-Training Functional Movement Screen and Postural Assessment
  • Weekly Monitored Progress Reports
  • Private Email for questions or troubleshooting 

How to Purchase:  Select the desired program and monthly subscription from the payment options below.  Then click "Buy Now".

Promotional Discounts:

  • Purchase a Three or Four Month Overall Performance Spectrum Plan and receive a FREE Strength Coach Concepts T-Shirt or Shaker Cup.
  • Purchase a Three or Four Month Movement Preparation Plan and receive a FREE Strength Coach Concepts T-Shirt or Shaker Cup.
  • Purchase a Two or Three Month Speed, Agility and Quickness Plan and receive a FREE Strength Coach Concepts T-Shirt or Shaker Cup.


Overall Performance Spectrum

Movement Preparation

Speed, Agility and Quickness

Online Strength Coach

Wouldn't it be nice to receive an individualized program from an elite strength coach with just a click of your mouse?  Wait no further!  Get the attention, motivation and coaching you deserve with this outstanding training aid.  With weekly downloadable workouts, take your program on the go via ipod or smartphone. Unlimited consultation via webcam, phone or email during normal business hours (9-5 EST) and live coaching via our online conference service.   

What will you receive?

  • One, Two or Three Months of Programming
  • Extensive Pre-Training Functional Movement Screen and Postural Assessment
  • Weekly workouts emailed directly to you.
  • Daily Post Workout progress reports.
  • Overview and explanation of program prior to the start of each training week via online conferencing.  
  • Questions answered via webcam, phone or email during regular business hours (9-5 EST).
  • One workout video per week is reviewed for proper lifting technique, speed mechanics and exercise application.  * User submission is required via email, youtube, vimeo, facebook or postal mailing.

How to Purchase:  Select the desired program and monthly subscription from the payment option below.  Then click "Buy Now".

Promotional Discount: Purchase a Three Month Online Strength Coach Plan and receive a FREE Strength Coach Concepts T-Shirt or Shaker Cup.

Online Strength Coach

One Hour Phone Consultation

Have a question you need answered?  Do you need to talk to a trusted expert?  We are here to help!  Since your questions are important to us, we promise to answer your questions in a detailed yet comprehensive manner.  Brief, simply isn't in our vocabulary!  In addition to receiving the answers you deserve, you will receive a FREE recording of your consultation sent directly to your email! This opportunity is perfect for individuals who need answers fast regarding strength & conditioning, corrective exercise, speed development or coaching methodologies!  Book your one on one phone consultation with Matt today!

How it Works: 

  1. Once your payment is received, you will receive an email from Matt with a list of available dates and times to schedule your consult.  You chose what works best for you!
  2. Once a date and time are scheduled, you will compile a list of questions and email them to Matt 72 hours prior to your consult.
  3. On the date and time of your consult, you will receive a phone call from Matt.  
  4. The 1 hour session starts after introductions are presented between Matt and the client.  At this time, the recording is starts and your questions are answered.
Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen is the leading assessment for functional capacity because it adds a unique perspective to human movement.  The test identifies trouble areas in the body which once corrected can help improve performance and resistance to injury.  We offer an array of FMS services such as online consultation, on-site team testing and corrective exercise programming to accompany the results.  You can count on us to provide you with an accurate assessment since we have been instructed and certified by the creators of the FMS, Gray Cook and Lee Burton.  

Contact us via Email to receive information regarding our Team Screen and Team Screen with Corrective Exercise Programming services.

How to Purchase:  Select from the payment option below.  Then click "Buy Now".

FMS Services


Speaking Engagements

Knowing how to train or coach is only half the battle, you must understand how the body works in order to master your trade.  We understand that the scientific applications of training can be complex and at times wordy.  This is why we come to you!  Our presentations are extensive yet comprehensive.  We believe in a hands on approach so don't worry about sitting through hours of lecture.  We are passionate about what we do and we promise that you will leave educated and excited about your experience.  Our speaking services are fully customizable, choose from a 3, 6 or 8 hour event.  

Contact us via Email for more information.

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