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Movement Based Exercises To Improve Squat Technique | Articles | Matt Johnson's Strength Coach Concepts

Movement Based Exercises To Improve Squat Technique

What trait do most athletes have in common?  They can’t squat efficiently!  Now, I understand that some of you will say “so what” and shrug your shoulders.  For those of you who agree, you understand the kinematics of human movement.  Why?  If you are able to squat efficiently you will be able to move efficiently. The similarities between a squat and an athletic stance are tremendous!    

In my opinion, movement based exercises are great for the improvement of squat technique because it helps establish the necessary motor pathways, muscle activations and flexibility needed to squat effortlessly.   Instead of putting your athletes on the leg press and labeling them as a “Non-Squatter”, try these simple yet extremely functional movements. 



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